10 Ways to Ensure Visitors Never Return to Your Website

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  • Got a website? Visitors not staying long? Not selling much? Find out why visitors might not be flocking to your website.


    1. If you've bought a domain, you might know that it's a good idea to put up a Coming Soon page to let visitors know that you're in the process of creating your website. However, if your holding page has been there for years, and has never been changed it will appear as though you've got no interest in your website. If it's a company name, it will give a bad impression of your company.

    2. If your website has a Flash movie that has to be watched, or a splash page, with a link that needs clicking to enter the rest of the website, then this will put visitors off. You would not make customers watch a movie before they could enter your shop, so why do it on your website?

    3. If you website is slow then it is highly likely that visitors will not wait for your page to load before going to another site. It might be that you need to optimize your code, change the size of your images, or change your web server. Remember that you only have around 7 seconds to keep your visitors.

    4. If your website is hard to use, it will discourage visitors from exploring your website. When visitors can not find what they are looking for, the will go to another site that's easier to use.

    5. If your website is hard to navigate or confusing, then visitors are unintentionally to want to come back, no matter how good your prices are, or how relevant your content is.

    6. If your news or other content is out of date, then it looks like you do not care about your visitors or your company. Remember to update your website regularly, and make sure that your change your content to reflect the season. If your website promotes products that are "new for 2009", or say that your company will be exhibiting at an exhibition in 2008.

    7. If your website does not have relevant content, or is full of adverts, then visitors will not stay on your page long, and will not come back.

    8. If your website uses features for the sake of it rather than add useful functionality it will not impress visitors. Does your website really need all the Javascript features, or multiple videos on each page?

    9. If you website looks unprofessional then it will not give a good impression of your company. Whilst you do not have to spend a fortune on your website, it's a good idea to make sure that your website represents your company properly.

    10. If your website is only part finished, and very little works, or there are pages with no content on, or all your products are missing descriptions or images, then people will not want to buy from you, or return to your site . It's better to stick with the holding page until your website is completely finished, or at least has some content and works properly.

    Now you know why visitors may not return to your website, you can make sure that your website works properly, looks good and has what people are looking for.

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