4 Components Every Good CRM Plan Should Have

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  • Customer Relationship Management, CRM, is basically a system that makes it possible for businesses to manage relationships as well as any information and data related to them. A business with such a system will have an easy time storing contact information for customers and prospects, sales opportunities, leads and accounts. All these can be cloud based for the information remains accessible in real time by those who need it within the business.


    Fast growing businesses today pay attention to their CRM plans to make strides which is why you should consider getting a plan that has all key components to jolt your business even higher. Below are some of the most important elements that should feature in your CRM plan if at all you are to enjoy positive returns for your business.

    1. Workflow automation

    In any given business setting, there will always be processes that run simultaneously, especially as far as management goes. Without a proper plan, then the business could end up spending a lot to making the processes successful. Workflow automation reduces expenditure and ensures that everything is done right with the first trial. There will be no reason for different people to handle the same tasks when this component is in place and this helps in reducing excess effort, and time loss. It means the business will achieve more effortlessly in a short time.

    2. Business reporting

    With CRM, sales, marketing, and customer care reports need to be managed. The reports put the executive in a better position to handle daily operations more efficiently and they also ease management of daily work. Business reporting therefore plays a major role in showing where the company stands as far as the reports are accurate. Using the reports it is also possible for the company to make comparisons through historical data, forecast and even export the reports onto other relevant systems.

    3. Sales Force Automation

    This can be termed as the most essential of all customer relationship management components. It includes keeping track of potential interactions, recording sales and even forecasting. With the automation, all opportunities that generate revenue are discovered and analyzed can be done to improve performance. The sales force automation has different elements working together and they include contact management, account management, lead management and even email management among others. Any company with a vision to move up can not afford to ignore this major component in a CRM plan.

    4. Lead management

    It is a component in CRM that helps in keeping track of sales leads. It is a component most essential for marketing firms, customer executive centers and sales industries. Using the component, it becomes very easy to manage campaigns, work on and finalize mailing lists and even design forms that are customized among many other things. When the maximum sales leads are captures sales are improved and this will be good for any company any day. The same importance should be attributed to human resources management, which is another important CRM component.

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