How and When to Effectively Use Email Marketing Over Direct Marketing With Mailing Lists

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  • Today's technology has changed the way businesses function, share information, and communicate. In the early 2000's, there was a large demand for email marketing and email blasting. Businesses would send their creative HTML to the marketing firm. The marketing firm would gather the email addresses based on the customers criteria and send out the HTML. Following the blast, the customer would receive a report showing how many were sent out, how many emails were opened, and how many clicked over to their website. Present day, with all the spam folders and junk mail people receive, emails has become rather ineffective for prospecting. There is still an effective place for email marketing.

    Direct mail marketing is still your most effective means of advertising when prospecting for new customers. The response rates speak for themselves. Email is less costly and more effective when advertising to a past or a current customer. E-marketing to your customer database is the most effective way to utilize this means of marketing. You can use email addresses to up sell new products, advertise promotional sales, and follow up on previous orders. In this case, email is extremely effective and worth choosing over direct mail marketing.

    It is always good practice to capture a customer's email address when they place an order. This will allow you to take advantage of emailing new offers. If you have a large customer database and have not captured their email addresses, a reputable marketing list broker will have the ability to append email addresses to your database. The increased revenue and value of having your customers email with far surpass the cost of appending the email addresses to your database.

    In conclusion, businesses are always trying to save money. They initially want to choose emailing over direct mail marketing for prospecting when comparing the costs of the two. Direct mail will be more expensive but multiple times more effective than email. Emailing when prospecting for new customers is not effective in any way. Think of your own email in box and what you read, what you delete instantly, and what goes directly into your junk email folder. In short, email marketing should only be used to communicate and promote offers to existing or previous customers.

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