How Do I Get My Website Visitors to Give Me Their Contact Details?

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  • This is a proven strategy to boost the amount of potential clients that contact you via your website.

    The best way to get the contact details from a website visitor is to offer them something of real interest to them for free, so that you can continue to market to them in the future. A free report or Ebook containing information relating to their particular need at that time will do the trick.

    Imagine you run a Chauffeur business in Nottingham …

    Your website visitors may have searched the internet for 'Chauffeurs in Nottingham' and then arrived at your site, if they see a free downloadable guide called 'Top Tips to Choosing the Right Chauffeur for You' there will be a very good chance that they will give you their name and email address at that point.

    Your guide just needs to include tips or a simple check list to help them choose which Chauffeur most suits their requirements, while obviously telling them about all the great stuff you could do for them, should they choose you.

    I use 'Google Documents' to create my simple PDF reports and Ebooks, it's great and FREE.

    There are a couple different ways of delivering your ebook:

    1) You can just put a form on your site and get people to give you their details, when you get their details you could email them a copy of your ebook or send them to a page on your site where you have uploaded your PDF ebook .

    If you use this system it is better to email a link to a hidden page on your site where they can download your give-away, sending emails with attachments may end up in spam.

    2) The best way is to use an automated system that collects the details and automatically sends your visitors to the download page. (A professional system will comply with all relevant spam laws)

    We use to collect potential customers contact details and deliver our automated emails, and it works as follow:

    X goes to my website.

    X sees my free ebook containing useful information

    X clicks the link on my site for my freebie and arrives at my Name Squeeze Page (this is the page where X gives me his name and email address in exchange for the freebie)

    X is automatically added to my Aweber list and is automatically sent a link to the freebie download page instantly.

    X is happy because he got his freebie immediately and I am happy because I have the contact details of a potential customer who is interested in my services.

    X will then receive a series of pre-written emails containing other useful information and sales offers all related to the very thing X was first looking for when he arrived at my website.

    My whole list will also get broadcast emails from me as and when I want to send them.

    Because I only send valuable information and relevant offers to my list, I have very few unsubscribers.

    And, as I continue to send useful information I am there for them should they need my services, even if it's 3, 6 or even 12 months later, when they are in the market for my services they usually contact me, because I have taken the trouble to keep in touch with them.

    And, the great thing about using an automated system is this:

    • You never forget to send the emails.
    • More emails get through, as it's anti-spam compliant
    • It makes no difference if you have 10 subscribers or 10,000 subscribers, it does not take any longer.

    So, to put all this in place you will need:

    Free PDF or Word document give-away, uploaded on your site

    Aweber account which cost approx $ 20 per month

    HTML Name Squeeze page (the html form from aweber will need to be included on the page)

    Hidden download page on your website

    A series of follow up messages.

    Here are a couple of Top Tips:

    • The less details you ask for the more people will fill out your form.
    • You really have to sell your freebie, just because it is free do not assume that everyone will go for it, tell your visitors how they will benefit from your freebie.

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