How To Build A Website, That Will Replace Your JOB

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  • Why can not you learn how to build a website in just a couple months and become an instant success online?

    Well it is possible, and then again it is not possible, else, everyone would be enjoying the wealth that is possible online, if you would only learn how to do the things that needs to be done first to create profitable websites online.

    To get you started on the right track, here are the five things you need to do now:

    1) Do not join any membership site offering to build you AdSense sites

    Everyone is eager to start making money and they jump into the AdSense craze, and believes that by building 100 hundred sites, they will be able to make hundreds of dollars daily. But, what they do not understand is that the search engines are getting wiser, with much better algorithms, and can spot the thousands of replicated sites within a couple of days. So, those sites are not worth anything.

    If, you do plan to take that route, then you must know a little CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), that will enable you to modify the templates, and design your own website a little different than the rest.

    2) Forget about the hype and learn how to build a website that is simple

    Do not fall for flash and all the other garbage out there, learn how to design your own website from scratch, by using one of those HTML editors that does not require you to know any HTML. Once you spend time understanding how to build a website that is Search Engine friendly and attractive to your visitors, you on your way to start seeing results with the next three to four months.

    3) Do not fall for the "Guru" knows whats best next big thing

    Most, of the online so called "Gurus", are nothing but product pushers, they try to sell you the next big thing that hits the market, while they have not even tried the product or have a clue what it is supposed to do . They just post offers on a daily or weekly basis to their list, in the hopes that you will keep buying.

    Stay clear of the type of mentality, you need to find one person online you trust, and stick with that mentor, follow his strategies, and learn how to build a website, the way he does, and even ask questions. Many online marketers do like to help, because it makes them shine, when a newcomer hits it big.

    4) Get one manual on affiliate marketing and stick with it

    Do not go out there and buy everything that hits the market, get one affiliate marketing manual and follow those principles outlined for three months, and you can be guaranteed to make money online. Only when you have mastered one skill, should you move on to learning another to improve your websites built.

    Your task is to learn as much as you can and as fast as you can, while eliminating the greed factor by trying to join or buy every new product or system to hit the market.

    You can not learn how to build a website, if your spending all your time reading emails daily, so, you need to un-subscribe form all those list, and only keep one or two.

    Schedule a time when you will read emails and stick with it.

    5) Learn how to build a website from principals that works

    Every couple of pages you browse you find articles telling you the money is in the list, but how many are telling you that the list needs to go with a website. You have to build a website first and then start building a list.

    To build a website that will be Search Engine Friendly, you need to understand keyword research. You need to invest in a keyword research tool, that will help you find better keywords and build your pages around one keyword. Do not go stuffing your pages with loads of keywords, because, the search engine does not like that.

    Now, you know how to build a website that will be profitable, go out there and start building.

    Source by Alexander Marlin

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