How-To Build Your Profitable Affiliate Website

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  • One of the most important tools for an Affiliate Marketer is a professional website to promote their partner products. It is a physical location that you direct your visitors to so that you can present your affiliate offerings.

    1. Start out by knowing your market. Whether you are promoting designer shoes or gardening supplies knowing who your targeted visitors are and will help you design a site that will get them in the door.

    2. Know your product. You need to know what you are promoting and describe it and the benefits that your visitors will receive by purchasing it.

    3. Choose your domain name and get web hosting. Many experts will tell you that it is important to get a domain name that relates to what you are promoting. or would work for the above examples. Do not let the lack of a name stall the process, though. E-bay and Squidoo do just fine and their names are made-up words. Your Domain name is just the address where you will be sending traffic.

    4. Design your page. This is the most intimidating step for beginners. HTML, the basic language that is used in web page design can take many hours to learn how to use effectively. This is where a WYSIWYG editor comes in. Instead of typing in the code, you create your web page with drag and drop methods. Do not discount the value of simplicity when making your first page and try to make the page visually appealing and relate it to your theme.

    5. Add high quality content. Refer back to step 1. Once you know your market, you will need to provide articles and links that they will value. The above gardening site could provide articles for the care of indoor and outdoor plants, special tips and links to pictures the visitor would find appealing. For designer shoes, articles about the designers, the construction or quality of the product and tips for their care might do. Your goal is to give the visitor a reason to stick around.

    6. Submit your URL to the search engines. Submit your URL to as many search engines as you can. Free submissions can take up to a month to be indexed, so be patient unless you have the capital to pay for a professional submission service.

    7. Update your site frequently with new content or add new pages. You want your site to be dynamic, to change frequently enough that the customer will come back to learn more. Return visitors are much more likely to buy your product.

    Affiliate marketing is a great way to make income on the Internet with no product of your own. By creating a visually appealing, theme related website; you have a targeted audience who are interested in what you have to offer.

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