How to Create an Impressive Video Landing Page

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  • A landing page is a simple page with text and graphics that highlights your business, products or services. As viewers are very impatient, they many times do not like to read a lot of text matter and hence turn away from the page. So, rather than having written text, you can have a video landing page wherein a small video clip of around 2-3 minutes is displayed on screen and a person describing the relevant features of the product in a very personal yet professional manner.

    Before the visitor can view the video clip, you need to take the name and email address of the visitor so that you can transfer any discount offers or schemes that you put up in future.

    Listening to a person for a couple of minutes can be easier than going through a lot of text material, provided the video clip is made in a very presentable manner. All the important features and benefits of the product need to be summarized in the video clip.

    All the important features of the product should be displayed as bullet points below the video clip. Keep it simple and clear. The visitor should clearly understand what he can gain from the product.

    Discount offers, if any should be well displayed on the video landing page in special boxes with larger and colorful fonts so that it catches the eye of the visitor instantly.

    It is very important that the person on the video be presentable and has a clear and polite tone so that the visitor can easily pick up the accent of the spokesperson. A video landing page gives you the opportunity to add an element of human touch to your advertisement.

    The calls to action such as "Have a free demo", "Download now" or "Buy now" should be placed at different places on the page.

    All details of your contact information should be displayed very clearly on the page so that the visitors can get in touch with you if they have any questions. Also all the terms and conditions should be clearly stated.

    Thank the visitor for having visited the video landing page and spending his / her precious time to listen to the video clip.

    You need to understand that a video landing page is an amazing way of impressing a potential customer and since due care should be taken to create it in an innovative and impressive manner that pleases the visitor and urges him / her to buy the product.

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