How to Increase Your Hotel Sales With Landing Pages

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  • You are already spending a small fortune on advertising. By the simple addition of landing pages you can hugely increase your sales without greatly increasing your marketing costs.

    Firstly what is a landing page? It is a single web page which has the sole purpose of getting your potential clients to give you their contact details or book for a special event.

    Why do you need them? Very simply they are the most effective way of increasing your conversion rates of visits to your site into paying customers.

    Why do not more hotels use them? Marketing Sherpa discovered in a recent survey " The no.1 reason businesses do not use landing pages is because their marketing department does not know how to set them up ."

    Here is how to include them in your marketing strategy.

    The chances of your potential client wanting to book at the specific moment you offer a promotion or advertise on Facebook etc. are slim. However the money spent on your ad does not have to go to waste.

    This is where a landing page comes in. Rather than paying to drive traffic from your ad to your website, where they think "Oh that's lovely" and then you never hear from them again.

    Instead send them to a Landing Page where the only option they have is to give you their details or go away.

    How do you get their details? There are 2 main types of landing page.

    1. You offer them something of value ! This can be in the form of a report, a video, and a voucher for a discount or simply the chance to win a weekend for 2 at your hotel.

    2. A Limited time offer to book for a special event in or around your hotel.

    What makes an effective Landing Page? Here is my checklist of essentials. However testing the different response rates of various landing pages will always be the resolving answer to this question.

    1. A strong image that attracts the eye and matches the message and the look of your hotel's brand.

    2. A good headline that is emotional not factual. What is the Unique Selling Point of your establishment or promotional offer?

    3. Logo. The landing page must be congruent with your brand image and match your advertisement.

    4. Endorsements. Again these should be the same as the ones on your website.

    5. Clear details of the offer. Bullet points work very well for this.

    6. Call To Action. Download free report, Video, Discount Voucher. Enter here to Win! Or for a special event, Book Now (this works best with a time limit)

    Landing Pages must always be followed up by a Thank You page and an email response .

    The Thank You page is to confirm receipt of your potential clients' details or describe the next steps to take in order to receive a free offer, report video etc.

    Use an Auto responder to collect the details of the potential clients and send an automated email response. Follow this up with a series of preset emails to increase your chances of a sale in the future. These should all offer more value to your potential client not just a series of promotions.

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