How to Make a Website Step by Step?

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  • What a variety! Different colors, effects, images, something is blinking here and other is jumping there. But as much as different looks the websites to be, the steps to create it are almost one and the same – first you have to build it and after that to upload it in Internet.

    Hey, wait for a moment! May be it is a good idea to make something like a website schedule before start your creation.

    At the beginning it is very important to define the idea of ​​your website. It is simple – just you have to answer to the two questions "For what?" you will write and "For whom?" it will be written for. The simple sentence "I will build a website for cake cooking to be able to show my best home made recipes to other mothers" is clear definition of your website purposes.

    At least in broadlines draw the website structure. With simple words make a draft of everything that you find as an appropriate answer of the question "For what?" and arrange it so so the people that you put in the category "For whom?" to be able to find it easily. In our example how to make your list of recipes: may be by occasion (birthday, Christmas etc.) or by time needed for it preparation?

    Talking about all of these cool web design mambo-jumbos that you could see everywhere – may be you want some of them at your website? Of course there will be all of it! And even more than once, is not that? Just a moment, when do you plan to upload your website? During this century do not you? So think for a moment and carefully choose which software will use. Taken easy – it is not necessary to have expensive professional software. There are a lot of other applications that will help you to make a passable website. Let not forget that this is your first website and frankly speaking, in this case, the more important is the fact itself that you will have a website yet, than its content let alone the design. Regarding the last two things I will strongly recommend you to stress on the content. Probably you will be surprised but to make a pretty good website it is enough to use some text editor like MS Word.

    Wow, we are ready? It is time to upload your creation in Internet. To be your website visible for everyone you have to upload it somewhere at some computer that is right along linked to the Net or the so-called web server or with simple words to find your site a hosting. It is not difficult – there are only two options – to pay for the used space or to use it for free … Come down, I know that you prefer the second one but the free hosting usually has some shortcomings as limits for scripts, little space for your or worst ads on your web pages (guess who will collect the incoming, no it is not you). Because of that I will recommend you to pay for this service when you take some advantage, but for the first one or for a personal website the free hosting is not so bad decision.

    Do not be eager – we are almost done! There is only one step to make your website known to the world. You have to put it an address or in web terms to create a domain. There are two options … Yes, you are right – paid and free ones! The domain usually is looking like this where you choose the first part and the letters after the dot are the top-level domain. Now, where is the bad news relating the free domain – commonly your domain contains the domain name of the provider of the free service. So may be your domain will be something like or why not It is not the easiest thing to remember but at least is free.

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