Improve Your Opt-in Mailing List and Turn it Into a Buyer List to Get More Affiliate Sales

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  • You might think that a mailing list and a buyer list are the same thing, but their not. Did you ever wonder how Internet marketing experts make so much money with their email marketing business and make more money in a month that most people make in a year?

    I know it sounds too good to be true. For most people, it is too good to be true. But it can be a realty when you have the same "secret weapon" those experts do not tell you about. Because If you did, you can reproduce the same results that they do.

    That secret weapon is a buyer list. Most people think that when they are building a mailing list that all they have to do is build a large list and that is the secret to wealth. It really is not. What really counts is the quality of the people on your list, and that that I mean, do they buy when you send out an email?

    If they do not, then you have a bunch of tire kickers just looking for freebies. It would not matter how many people you had on your list. No buyers means no business. So the "secret" to making money online, is to have a buyer list which is a list of people who are willing hand over money when you invite them to. It's never been more complex than that.

    The reason most marketers do not make many sales is because of them not knowing how to build a list of buyers. When building a mailing list, you can cram a list full of subscribers, but then all you have is a big list. Will they buy? Probably not, and most marketers know that they get only about 1-2% response when they send out an email.

    The bottom line is your better off getting 2,500 buyers on your list who buy like crazy rather than 25,000 with a 1-2% response rate. And to tell the truth, most people with massive lists do not even get 1-2% response when they email. It's more like 0.05%. That means you would have to work harder to build a list of 200,000 people to get those 250 sales.

    Remember, quality counts more than quantity when your building a mailing lists, which means by getting buyers to join your list, you'll be far better off.

    Source by Robert Fernicola

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