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  • I have been researching how to improve the page rank of websites. One critical variable in the calculation of page rank is the number of websites that are linking to your website. By increasing the number of legitimate links to your site, from other bona-fide sites, so you can increase your page rank. Increasing your page rank will reflect in the position your site appears in search engine results.

    The higher the position your site appears in search engine results the more likely it is that the site will be visited.

    Golf websites are numerous and since getting your site to the top of any search engine listing is difficult. By maximizing the number of incoming links to your site you can drastically improve your website traffic, interest in your golf business, increase your day visitors / members and not forgetting increase your income.

    So how can you, as the owner of a golf club, a golf course, a golf business or just a golfer with your own site, increase your website traffic.

    There are novel ways on the internet to increase your website traffic. One of those ways is to focus on increasing the page rank of your site. You can do this by increasing the incoming links to your site. I have found that buying a pitchmark on one of those online Golf Course Directories is a novel way of doing this. Buying a unique pitchmark allows you to insert your link directly onto another site since it creates an incoming link to your site.

    This is a form of marketing strategy that any business can employ and it seems to be cheaper than the pay-per-click methods sometimes used.

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