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  • Have you ever wanted to make a website? Here's how to make your own website for free. And, if you want a little more from your sites, I've got a few extra tips as well.

    Building websites can be done for very little money nowdays. Most money is spend on hosting and a domain name. A domain name is something like . If you want your own domain name, you'll have to pay for it. They're cheap, costing less than $ 10 a year. However, this article is about how to make your own website for free: I've got other options for you.

    Many websites offer free hosting. Often this goes hand in hand with commercial ads on your pages which will absolutely ruin them way your website looks. I could give a lot of links to good free hosts, but some of them change their policies and it's better to search for a few for yourself. You can weigh all the pro's and the con's of each host.

    A piece of advise: do not rely too much on review sites. Most of these sites are build by hosting companies themselves, in order to attract more visitors to their service. If you're looking for paid hosts, be doubly careful!

    Hosts often allow you to use your own (paid for) domain name, but most of them will also offer a service where you can get your own sub domain. You'll be able to get a domain like: '', where 'example' is the host's name. This is a pretty nice, cheap alternative to a paid for domain name.

    When you've found a free host, you can upload your html files to the server. Often you can even build your website online without having to do any uploading. However, creating your own site gives you much more freedom and flexibility over what goes on your site. You can use a wysiwyg editor to build a site quickly, good ones are available for free on any good software site, or you can code the html by hand. Most professionals are coding large parts of their sites by hand, because it gives them more control over all the details.

    So there you have it: find a free host, use a free sub domain and you can make your own website for free in no time. Good luck!

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