Tips on How to Make Your Own Website

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  • A lot of people want to create their own websites for personal or business reasons. A website is not difficult to make once you know how. There are three basic steps to remember when deciding to make your own own website. First is plan, then choose the hosting and domain name, and lastly, design and build.

    In the planning stage, you need to determine what you want the website to do. You need to ask yourself, why you want a website, do you want to sell products on your website, how much you are prepared to pay, and more. Once you have decided, do the next step.

    First, get your domain name, which is the name you are going to give to your website. It is a way of establishing a web presence. It identifies your website in the internet which will then look like ''. to get a domain name, you need to do three steps, choose a domain name, then check if the domain name is available, and then finally registering and hosting the domain name.

    For personal and small business websites, the most common type of hosting is through shared web hosting. There are a lot of shared website hosting providers that you can choose from which makes it confusing. Do not choose the cheapest hosting provider or the one with most features. Choose the one according to your needs.

    Lastly, design and build your website. There are a lot of ways to build a website. Building is just the start. Always remember that a website is probably "never finished". Why? Because a site needs to be changed depending on the owners desire.

    All websites are built from a single template. The starting point for all your web pages is the first web page. So, decide on the type of site template you want to use. Then, design your site template if hiring a web designer is not an option for you. There are pre-built templates you can choose from as well if you do not want to build the entire template yourself. Available also are 'site build-it' complete hosting package which includes site templates, blog and more. It is recommended for novice webmasters because it is easier to use.

    Always update your website and the designs of your website to attract more viewers. Once you get the hang of it, you can try adding something fun to it to entertain your viewers as well. Enjoy your newly built website!

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