Troubleshooting Website Builder Problems

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  • Using a website builder is very easy, but sometimes it is possible to run into problems while building or maintaining your site. However, troubleshooting problems with a website builder is generally much easier than troubleshooting problems with a website built from scratch. This is because everything is point and click and fairly linear in nature.

    If something is not looking right on your site, or if something on your site is not functioning properly, you should start by going through the steps you took to create the page or set up the feature. This is usually possible by going back through the website builder page by page or feature by feature. Make sure that all information entered is correct. You should also make sure that you did not leave out any steps, or that you did not over-populate an area of ​​the page causing an overlap.

    If going through the website builder step by step does not help you, then you should contact tech support. Tech support is available for free with the best website builders. You can contact tech support by phone or email in most cases. These professionals will be able to walk you through steps to ensure that there is not a problem with the site on your end.

    If the problem can not be solved on your own or with assistance, the problem is most likely with the hosting. If you have used a good website builder that includes hosting, which is recommended, then your call to tech support should continue with the support professional troubleshooting the hosting services. However, if your hosting service is separate from your website builder, you will have to make yet another call to try to troubleshoot the problem.

    While troubleshooting the hosting of the site, the support professional should be able to determine if the problem really lies with the hosting, or if there is a problem in the code of the site. Should there be a problem with the site code or scripts, there is a glitch with the website builder. In this case the tech support will need to work with the professionals that run the site builder to ensure that the code is being properly managed.

    In most cases, any problem that occurs while using a website builder is easily fixed. It is usually the result of missing a bit of detail while creating the site. This is common, especially when people are new to building websites with a site builder or otherwise.

    However, it is nice to know that when problems occur, you have the ability to troubleshoot the issue and get your site up and running as quickly as possible. To have this assurance, you should make sure to choose a site builder that is reputable and has a very good technical support staff. You should also make sure that your site builder and hosting service are linked so that you only have to make one call when problems arise.

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