Wealth Building and Mailing Lists – Two Tools You Need to Start an Online Business

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  • Business prospects are very essential in every business. If you do not have one, you're dead. Wealth building starts with building a list, and fortunately for you, there are so many methods in which you can get a list. For example, there are companies that send their clients free newsletters in order to build an email list. When people become interested in something, they subscribe to the newsletter. Since the information that they're interested in are valuable to them, they enter their email address and subscribe to the list.


    In other words, creating a mailing list is the beginning of a niche in wealth building. People find something that they are interested in, and this becomes their reason to subscribe and send their email addresses, just to get a more detailed view of a niche.

    One great way of building a mailing list is through giving away free e-books. For example, you have written an e-book about a certain niche. What you have to do is to place this e-book on your subscription page. Provide a concise introduction that gives a general overview of what is in the book, and before you know it, you might already gain a potential customer. You can increase your chances of getting a customer by writing a few articles that advertise your opt-in page. Who knows, you might get a long-term customer just by doing these simple things.

    Remember that email lists and wealth building go together, so your mailing list should specialize on a certain product or service, which is in congruence to the opt-in offer found in the opt-in page. The offer should be relevant to the product that you are promoting. If they are not congruent, you would easily lose customers and you would not sell a thing. After all, the customers started to get interested in your products because of your offer, so you must not lose sight of this. Keep the relevancy of your offer and your product intact.

    Another thing to remember is to choose a topic or a product that is relevant or can be useful to your target customers. Again, I can not stress enough the importance of why your wealth building and mailing list must be relevant to each another, starting from the promotion of your products and services up to the sale and transaction period. I will then proceed to explain to you the different options that you can choose from in order to better advertise your opt-in page, helping you to get all the results you want for free!

    As I mentioned before, articles, like the one you're reading right now, can help promote your opt-in page. People from your target market will be interested in your products and services because of the article you have written about it.

    You can also promote your business in forums through the use of a sig file. A sig file is also called electronic or email signature. It is a footer composed of about three to six lines, which you can place at the end of every email that you are going to use for promotion. You can add your name, company name, opt-in offer, and back link to this sig file. As I said, forums are the best avenues for this kind of promotion. You will be amazed at the number of visitors who will be dropping by your site. In order to know which of your methods work, track the links which create the most traffic for your site.

    Once a customer becomes interested in reading an article from your site, at least they would not think twice about giving out their email address and full names. In fact, they will even want to subscribe to your articles and get access to your website's members only area, where they can get even better resources.

    You should have a free opt-in offer which has a detailed explanation of the do's and don'ts and everything one needs to know about the topic. This will open the doorway to your product, and it is very important for people who want to have serious opt-ins. In other words, your overall setup must be geared toward that niche. You should also have double opt-ins as part of your free package. Most of the time, the people who are not really that serious into your product will just get the free package and not the opt-in.

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