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  • Web traffic Analysis is a most invaluable service for all those who have online businesses. This is because it gives the owner the information on the amount of traffic his site gets. What is the origin of the traffic? What is the feedback of the visitors? What pages are being more frequently viewed b the visitors? How many are first time visitors and how many are reviewing? And most important of all what is the percentage of visitors who have made a purchase from the site? Which campaigns are drawing more visitors? All these questions are very important for anyone who is operating an online business.


    A Web Traffic Analysis can answer all these questions and can prove to be a valuable tool to the website and if put to correct use this service can provide most critical information to the website owners for making strategic changes to handle increasing traffic and growing business.

    For activating a Web Traffic Analysis services on a website a JavaScript code has to be installed in the pages of the website. This code is like an alarm – every time a visitor visits a page on this site, the code collections information about the visitor and forwards this information to the service, to be stored in a database.

    Web Traffic Analysis services provide a variety of reports. To name one of them there is the basic statistics report which shows the number of visitors to the site, number of pages viewed, number of repeat visitors, etc. Then there are services who break the traffic report on the basis of geographic location, entry pages, exit pages, referring web site, ISP, etc. Then again there are services which provide reports that indicate the search terms that the visitors entered in the search engines they used.

    Some services offer tools to online businesses and ecommerce websites that offer reports based on customized goals which may include completion of a registration form, shopping for an item and adding it to the shopping cart and then completing the transaction by making the payment. This service helps in tracking the performance of the publicity and marketing campaigns and how they are helping in the sale of any particular product and if required strategic changes are made to improve the sales.

    There are a number of Web Traffic Analysis providers who offer free analysis service online. They provide a comprehensive analysis which gives some paid analysis services a run for their money. Paid web traffic analysis at the entry level, offer different service plans which are priced according to different categories of clientele and they also take into account the number of pages to be tracked.
    Web traffic analysis at its topmost level offers a much more comprehensive service which is designed in such a manner that the reports help the client to make strategic business decisions. Web traffic analysis at this level includes training, consulting, and creation of customized reports tailor for the clients' web site. Moreover, they also provide for the storage of visitor data for a lifetime of the business and the pricing is therefore a lot more then the entry and the mid level of web traffic analysis.

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