Website Landing Pages – Do Your Website Visitors Wave Good Bye When You Make These Critical Mistakes

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  • Have you ever taken an airplane trip to a new destination that you have never visited before? How did you feel when you arrived at that new airport, trying to find your way to the baggage claim, through a maze of concourses, taking the wrong escalator or getting lost in the busy stream of people walking on the wrong side of the corridor?

    Traveling can be frustrating if you've never been to that city or airport before. The same is true of your web site. Your visitors have just "landed" on a web page and are looking for directions to get where they want to go. Maybe they clicked on a pay per click ad that you posted to solve their problem. But will they find what they are looking for quickly and easily?

    Here are two of the biggest roadblocks that your website can put in the way of people who are ready to buy.

    1. Your home page is the runway they run from.
    Let's say that you have written an excellent pay-per-click ad for purple dress shoes that is generating a 10 percent click through rate. That means that 10 of every 100 viewers clicks on your ad to find purple dress shoes. And then those people are directed to your home page which shows purses, dresses, ear rings – anything but purple shoes. Their experience is like the air plane pilot who realizes he is in the wrong place and does not land at the airport. When your visitor does not see what she is looking for, she'll click the BACK button fast and probably never return.

    Solution: Make sure you direct your visitors to a landing page which shows them exactly what they are looking for – where it is easiest to convert them into a sale.

    2. Your landing page does not convert visitors into customers.
    Let's say that the purple shoes Buyers land on one of your web pages and see a picture of purple dress shoes, description of purple dress shoes and the words "PURPLE DRESS SHOES."

    "This is just what I want!" Suzy Wardrobe is saying to herself. "Purple dress shoes. I like the color. I like the look.

    She looks up and down your page for a "Buy Now" button or "Add to Cart" link. Or maybe she does not. About 15-20% of people who visit web pages do not scroll past the first screen. After all of the search, she can not find how to buy the purple dress shoes – so it's back to Google to find another site.

    What's going on here? Suzy can not find how to buy. The web page has no clear CALL TO ACTION. Let's face it. The website owner is the one to lead the visitor to buy.

    Solution: Put a big, clear, easy to recognize BUY NOW button right where the visitor can see it. At the top of the landing page and at the bottom of the landing page. You should test the text on the button and the color. Many sites are adopting the orange colored buttons of That makes sense. After all, Amazon sells billions of dollars of online books and merchandise. Learn from a winner.

    Study the websites of successful retailers. They have paid millions to test and learn what works best. Master these two techniques to increase your conversions and you will see you sales increase dramatically. Your visitors will be glad they landed on your site. Now all you have to do is create the landing pages with the right tools to match the keywords and pay-per-click ads that you are using.

    Source by Dave Pipitone

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